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minted collage

I promise to take a break from the art bombardment after January is over!  Today though, I want to tell you about an Art Challenge I recently entered on minted.com (a really cool site, check it out if you haven’t!).  Here’s where you come in – anyone can vote in the challenges – and winners will have their work available to purchase on the site.

So, if you are a fan of any or all of my submissions, I’d be super grateful if you’d take a moment to rate my designs (you’ll need to set-up a free account, if you don’t already have one).  I’ve posted photos of my entries below (a click on each photo will take you to the voting page), but have a look around and vote on others while you’re there – tons of great entries.  Voting ends on January 21st.


Smoke and Lace, photograph by Heather M. Roberts

Midsummer Majesty - acrylic painting by Heather M. Roberts

'On the brink', acrylic painting by Heather M. Roberts


Thanks and Happy Tuesday! 



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It’s foggy and dreary and rather warm here today, and severe weather is forecast for the evening.  We’ve been lucky to have balmy weather throughout October, but as the front passes through tonight it will bestow upon us much cooler weather. Today I’m mourning and celebrating the switch from summer/fall into fall/winter.  When I think of the overlap of seasons – the blurring of summer and fall – the above photo comes to mind.  The wildflower (a lupine, I believe)  is clearly summer, while the smoky grey tones elicit feelings of autumn.  This shot was taken a few years ago while hiking in Utah.

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