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Have you ever stood underneath and looked upward into a big tree that’s blindingly bright with all its colored leaves?  

Awe-inspiring, right?  


Have you ever gone outside late at night and done the same thing?

I am often out with pup well after dark, and one of the highlights of this week has been standing underneath the tree in my front yard and gazing up.  By day, the tree wears brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow; by night, the leaves are serenely golden and translucent by the light of the moon.  Moments better experienced than photographed.


A strong wind blew in today, and most of the tree’s leaves are swirling near the ground. 


Oh autumn, how I love thee.

Apple cider, bonfires, colorful leaves… what are your favorite fall associations?


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I have a slight owl obsession.  It began long before owls of all shapes and sizes began hitting store shelves, but now it’s worse than ever.  I set out with a plan to make one owl ornament ‘just for me’.

owlornament silverwhite2

owlornament greenred2


A dozen owls later….

I couldn’t help myself.  They’re listed on Etsy for anyone else who may have an owl obsession. :)

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