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minted collage

I promise to take a break from the art bombardment after January is over!  Today though, I want to tell you about an Art Challenge I recently entered on minted.com (a really cool site, check it out if you haven’t!).  Here’s where you come in – anyone can vote in the challenges – and winners will have their work available to purchase on the site.

So, if you are a fan of any or all of my submissions, I’d be super grateful if you’d take a moment to rate my designs (you’ll need to set-up a free account, if you don’t already have one).  I’ve posted photos of my entries below (a click on each photo will take you to the voting page), but have a look around and vote on others while you’re there – tons of great entries.  Voting ends on January 21st.


Smoke and Lace, photograph by Heather M. Roberts

Midsummer Majesty - acrylic painting by Heather M. Roberts

'On the brink', acrylic painting by Heather M. Roberts


Thanks and Happy Tuesday! 



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Happy Halloween! ...painted metallic sugar skull pumpkin

Painted pumpkins last longer! Shimmery sugar skull.

Happy Halloween!!

After wrapping up work for the summer, I ventured out west nearly a month ago for foot surgery (yes, I know… traveling for surgery sounds odd) and was so looking forward to taking a barrage of autumn photos to post here. Nothing much seems to go as planned lately – what was supposed to be 2 weeks of crutches and leg elevation, now looks to be 4+ weeks of the same.  Since I couldn’t make any trips to the store, the highlight of the month was convincing my mom to buy a skateboard (it took me a week to convince her – apparently it’s odd for a 30-something to want a skateboard, ha).  I’ve been shoving food across the room on my lovely new turquoise platform using a crutch tip and am looking forward to learning how to skateboard with my nephew next spring. :)

The following are a few shots I managed to get from the car —

montana black and white mountains

montana fall colors - ninemile

montana autumn - ninemile, alberton

Eventually I’ll be back with new DIY projects and recipes!  In the meantime, Happy Autumn!

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Yesterday began in an unusual way.  I got a phone call from my mom, who (the night before) put my freshly-baked zucchini bread in a tupperware container…. in the oven (for safekeeping apparently).  She would kill me if she knew I was telling this story.  Sorry, mom!  The next morning (yesterday), she went to preheat the oven and OOPS.  Her phone call began with ‘there’s been a big catastrophe’.  I’m thinking injury, fire, death… thank goodness it was just an oven full of melted plastic and a stinky house.

The ‘catastrophe’ kickstarted a day full of nature and time spent outdoors that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.  This is a good thing (mostly).  I drove over there with a fan to help air the house out.  When I got there, they were sitting out on the back deck.  A giant green caterpillar had dropped down from a tree right in front of them and my mom stuck it in my nephew’s bug container.  We did a little research and figured out that it would become a polyphemus moth.  In the meantime, out of the corner of my eye I saw something furry by the edge of the house.  Sadly, it was a dead young fox.  No signs of trauma, so it must have been sick or poisoned.  I began to dig a hole in the back corner of the woods, but quickly realized that there’s a reason they tell you to call before you dig.  So, before any damage was done, I scrapped that idea and took it out to the park where I work.  I rarely get the chance to stop and truly enjoy my surroundings while I’m working, so I took a few minutes along the edge of the prairie and snapped some photos.

Common wood nymph

Common wood nymph flittering about in an itty bitty oak tree

gray-headed coneflowers

Gray-headed coneflowers swaying in the warm breeze

female widow skimmer (dragonfly)

Busy female widow skimmer (dragonfly)


A little tangent… yesterday would have been my pup’s 15th birthday.  I looked at photos to reminisce, and was happy to also stumble across this tiny video from several years ago —

If Orpheus were to narrate this, it would go something like this:  ‘I can only play for a second mom, somebody in the kitchen has FOOD!’

…and since it’s raspberry season – here’s a photo of him eating right off the bush after sneaking into the fenced area. :-) Orpheus loved raspberries.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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