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Back on Earth Day, I mentioned how much I love my Klean Kanteen.  Well, I really do – to the extent that it’s pretty much the only thing I drink out of, and it goes with me EVERYWHERE.  I spend 7-8 hours outdoors each day, and during last week’s sauna-like weather, I was thrilled to have a cold drink ready and waiting thanks to my insulated bottle.  Here’s the scoop:  Klean Kanteen is having a contest, and the above photo was my entry.  Not the best photo technically speaking – but the point was to show your bottle in your everyday environment.  This was a quick snapshot while at work over the weekend.  Late summer prairie scenery… ahhhhh. :)

Coming soon… a recipe for insanely rich chocolate brownies with fresh raspberry filling!


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Today’s posting is going to focus on one of my pet peeves – plastic.  Though it’s a pet peeve, I must first admit that plastic is responsible for some wonderful advancements in the world.  The medical world is a great example – just think about how many people have had their lives changed by plastic-based prosthetics and joint replacements (click HERE for more ways plastics have been of benefit in the medicine).  On the other hand, everyday disposable consumer plastic products have gotten more than a little out of hand.

Plastic bags have been on my mind for years.  They’re everywhere.  You go to your typical big box store to purchase one item, and before you can say no, the clerk has bagged it.  I’ve can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped a clerk from bagging my handful of items right as they’re setting the first or second item in the bag, only to have them pull my item out and then wad the bag up and place it in the garbage!  It takes everything in me to keep from screaming when this happens.  I could ramble all day about plastic bags, but will spare you.  Instead,  I’ll mention two common sense tips for reducing your own plastic “consumption”, as well my own personal product recommendations.  Feel free to add a comment if you’d like to add a tip to the list!

  • Keep one or a few reusable bags in your car.  Let’s be honest, we all forget to bring them along half the time, so it’s better to just keep a few in the car.

{Bags you already own are, of course, the best option.  Second best, would be a bag made locally with recycled materials – even better, make your own!  I stumbled across this blog posting via pinterest a few weeks ago:  10 DIY Tote Bags.  Finally, I will admit to owning a few ChicoBags.  They are lightweight, easy to store, durable and colorful.  Although made in China, the company is a member of the Fair Labor Association, as well as having several other positive attributions.}

  • Take a reusable bottle along!  It’s not hard to fill a bottle with water,  juice or even coffee in the morning and take it to work or school with you.  It’s also a great item to pack when traveling.  

{My favorite bottle is the insulated Klean Kanteen. Admittedly a bit on the expensive side, I’ve found it worth the splurge.  It’s stainless steel, so no risk of leaching from plastic or epoxy coating.  It keeps drinks hot or cold and doesn’t have the huge condensation issue that non-insulated bottles often have.  Its wide mouth makes it simple to clean.  The standard Kanteens are also great, though a neoprene sleeve is highly recommended.}

We all lead a different lifestyle, yet we each have the ability to alter that lifestyle enough to make a difference.  It’s about doing something, not everything.  It’s not about what your friend is doing, what your neighbor is doing, or even your significant other.  Individually, we make a point to be aware, and we do what we can, when we can — and that is what creates positive change.

What’s your favorite way to help our planet?

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