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Green Velvet, acrylic painting by Heather M. Roberts

I promised bread in my last post… and that’s this weekend’s mission – but in the meantime, I couldn’t help but share a new painting in honor of the first official day of spring!

Lots of cool minty greens in this piece.  Painted in super thin layers on a lightly textured wood panel, giving it an amazing velvet like finish that makes you want to reach out and touch it in the biggest way.  Can’t wait to have prints made.

Green Velvet, acrylic painting by Heather M. Roberts

Happy Friday!


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Before I dive into the wreath project, I wanted to mention that postings on this blog will continue to be sparse.  I’ve spent the past six plus months unemployed and immersed in caring for my ailing pup and made the hard decision to let my best friend rest in peace earlier this month.  It hardly seems fair that such an intelligent, loving and beautiful being is allowed such a short time on earth.  He has been with me nearly all of my adult years, and now, almost 15 years after falling in love with the most adorable puppy I’ve ever seen (photos at bottom of post), I’m trying to figure out where this new chapter in life will take me.  While you may see a few random do-it-yourself projects or artwork/photography posts pop-up every once in awhile, I’m feeling a desire to detach a bit more from the online world after this long hard winter.  I hope everyone is enjoying spring – finally a bit of green popping up around here (and by green, I mean weeds – ha)!

My front door was looking rather naked after I took down my wooden snowflake a few weeks ago, so I decided to try making a wreath that could work for either spring or summer.  While this isn’t much of a tutorial, I will tell you where I bought my supplies and how to I got everything to stay put.

DIY Door Wreath for Spring or Summer



  • grapevine wreath (mine is fairly small, at 12″, purchased at Joann Fabrics*)
  • your choice of artificial plants and flowers (all from this wreath were purchased at Michael’s*)
  • wire cutting device (or scissors as a last resort)
  • glue of some sort (a hot glue gun is the easiest method)

*don’t forget to go to the Michael’s or Joann’s websites and print out their weekly coupons!


  • Before you begin, think about your wreath hanger.  Because artificial plants/flowers can be delicate, I decided to leave a gap where the hanger would be placed.
  • It’s helpful to set your plants/flowers around the wreath before securing so that you have a better feel for the finished design.
  • Most of the artificial plants/flowers you chose are likely to have long wire stems – you’ll need to trim them so that only a few inches remain.  The best way to decide how much to leave behind is to take a look at the depth of your wreath – if the stems aren’t too thick and have flexible wire, you can leave them a little longer so they can be shoved directly through gaps in the grapevines and then wrapped or woven around on the backside (no need for the back to be pretty!).  Wrapping/weaving wires through to the backside, combined with some glue, will leave you with the most secure finished product.
  • After all flowers/plants are placed as you desire and wrapped/woven through to the other side in some fashion, place a hidden dab of glue on any pieces that seem as though they have the potential to come loose – a hot glue gun will quickly do the trick.


Make your own wreath for summer or spring!

I’d love to see your wreaths – feel free to place a link to a photo of yours in the comments section!


…And before I sign-off, a few pictures of Orpheus.

Learning how to bring (er, play with) the newspaper at 6 weeks old!


Favorite toy – once when camping, he very quietly and methodically took each and every stick from the fire kindling pile and carried them over to his spot. :)


taking a break during a ski outing (5 yrs old)

taking a break during a ski outing (5 yrs old)


monkey time

He was a hugger – if I asked for a hug he would come over and rest his head on my shoulder.

This was a typical photo of the two of us - he still in mid-stride, me having given up on a normal photo (mom is about to face plant in 3…2…1).

This was a typical photo of the two of us – he still in mid-stride, me having given up on a normal photo, ha (mom is about to face plant in 3..2…1).





leaves 2

October 2013


Squeezed in a few nice sunshine and fresh air naps in his last few days… still beautiful.

Squeezed in a few nice sunshine and fresh air naps in his last few days… still beautiful.





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Artist or not, did you know that doodling can be beneficial?!

Click HERE to read the article.

Every so often I get the urge to scribble with a Sharpie.  This is the latest… scanned and digitally colored.

owlfeather collage

What do your doodles look like?

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This morning I found an old painting (above), one I did at age 17… more than 15 years ago, eek!  While some things have remained the same, like my love for the color green and my interest in painting natural landscapes, other things have changed A LOT.  

Back then, I had this blaze-orange tacky-flowered Hawaiian thrift store shirt with patch pockets on the front.  I wore that thing everywhere, proudly.  These days, I know that I look terrible in orange, and you wouldn’t catch me in anything as ugly as that poor shirt… but I kind of miss that girl.  The older I get, the more I’m noticing a trend to overthink everything.  I remember sitting down to do that painting… I simply looked at the photo, painted what I saw, and was done and happy with it in an hour or two.  If I tried to paint that photo today, it would take me WEEKS because I’d zoom in on every tiny detail, working one section at a time to perfection – until overwhelmed.  I think this stems from a fear of failure.  At seventeen, I never thought about the outcome of a painting before or during the process.  Choices were made based on things I was drawn to, without much thought.  It’s a good lesson I think…while detail and thought can be very important given the proper context, sometimes zooming in on them takes away from the whole experience.  This post serves as a personal reminder to strive less for absolute perfection, enjoy being in the moment more, and quit overthinking!  Happy & Simple.


If your 17-yr-old self could teach you a lesson today, what would it be?


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I have a slight owl obsession.  It began long before owls of all shapes and sizes began hitting store shelves, but now it’s worse than ever.  I set out with a plan to make one owl ornament ‘just for me’.

owlornament silverwhite2

owlornament greenred2


A dozen owls later….

I couldn’t help myself.  They’re listed on Etsy for anyone else who may have an owl obsession. :)

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