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DIY Fluffy Lamb Cake

Happy (early) Easter to those who celebrate it! I spent my afternoon making this adorable fluffy lamb cake – this one is easy enough for even an adventurous beginner. I can’t take credit for the design (stumbled upon it on Pinterest), but had to make it after my nephew saw it and gave his seal of approval.

You’ll need to purchase or make your own cake/icing (Immaculate Baking Co. cake mixes may be worth trying if you’re short on time – the ingredients are simple and don’t include preservatives).  Lyndsay from Coco Cake Land posted a great tutorial for decorating this cake on Handmade Charlotte.

My Tips:

In the spirit of saving time, I cut up marshmallows for the ears (rather than fondant), and melted chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  I used a marshmallow for the nose as well, dabbing a little frosting on it and sprinkling with pink sugar.  If you don’t have piping bags, cutting the corner of a Ziploc bag will work (just make sure to tape the corner to reinforce before you cut).  Freezer bags are thicker and will work a bit better.  I didn’t have the Wilton no. 22 tip, but used a similar star-shaped one and it worked great.

What are you making for Easter?

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easter egg tree

DIY Easter Egg Tree

I have two nieces who are 5 and 13 years old.  I like to send something small to them on most holidays, but due to their age difference it’s hard to come up with something equal that they’ll both enjoy.  So this year, I gave up and decided to turn it into an excuse for me to have more craft-time.  They’re both getting an Easter Egg Tree, like it or not, ha.

Ok, here’s the how-to:

You’ll need the following- (Note: all of my supplies came from Michael’s craft store; I’m sure many places including dollar stores would work also)

{If you’re really working on a budget – you might already have alternate supplies at home – and could try wire hangers or real sticks for the stems.}

{I specifically chose supplies that are lightweight so that I can easily ship the trees.}

  • A small bucket or pail of your choice (mine cost $1.99)
  • Paper covered wire stems (found in the floral section, mine cost $1.99 per six-pack of stems)
  • Mini egg ornaments (mine cost $2.39, but you really could simply make your own from paper or felt & string)
  • Foam or sand/pebbles (I found some packing foam in a closet at home, you could also use floral foam or sand/pebbles, etc.)
  • Tiny amount of Easter grass or glass stones/marbles (I had some paper Easter grass at home; dollar stores often have glass stones/marbles for $1)
  • Optional:  Bunny (mine was 0.59, a little foam bunny on a stick)

Once you have a pail, lay pieces of foam inside – about 3/4 of the way to the top.


This is what the package of paper covered wire stems look like (incase you’re looking for them at Michael’s).

Take the stems, and wind the tops around a pen to get the coils – then stretch them out a bit.

Do the same thing in the middle of the stem (at least one coil) – the coils are where your eggs will hang.

Make sure to leave the bottoms straight so that you can stick them down into the pail.

Here is what it will look like after sticking then in the foam.  No don’t necessarily need to push them all the way to the bottom, just enough so that they are snug and won’t fall over.

Now it’s time to hang your eggs.  The above is a photo of the ornaments I used.  I liked the glittery touch.

easter egg tree

  • When hanging your eggs, you can just set the string loop down on top of the coils – no need to start at the end of the stem and try to shift the string all the way down.  Does that even make sense?  Ah, you’ll figure it out.
  • Place a thin layer of ‘grass’ or glass stones/ marbles to cover up the foam.  (Throwing in my two cents – if you use grass, avoid the plastic easter grass; paper is much more eco-friendly and won’t harm the critters pets or critters if they get ahold of it… you could even use recycled paper from your paper shredder!)
  • Optional:  stick your bunny in the pail.
  • All done!  If you make your own, I’d love to see photos (feel free to link to them in the comments section)!

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