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Cheesy + Garlicky Dinner Rolls | happyandsimple.wordpress.com

I have been promising a bread recipe and here it finally is (we won’t talk about the slight anxiety attack encountered while the recipe was temporarily misplaced – the best things are worth the wait, right?).  The recipe I’m sharing today is about as basic as it gets, and it is delicious!  I usually try to stick to whole grains, but sometimes white bread just hits the spot – especially with cheese and garlic.  They are also a great roll when made plain (my favorite, slathered with sunflower butter).

Please note that this recipe is geared toward using a bread machine, but may also be made by hand.  Guidance can be found within the reviews section on the recipe page (link below).

Before you click the link for this recipe, make sure to read my tips below for recipe success and how to easily turn these plain rolls into cheesy garlicky goodness.

Click here for the ‘Soft Dinner Rolls’ recipe.

Basic tips:

  • The order in which you place ingredients into your bread machine matters.
    • Manufacturer suggestions may vary, but I always place all liquids in first, followed by dry ingredients.  In this case, I place the sugar as my first dry ingredient so that it can dissolve into the liquid more readily.  Finally, I proof my yeast in a minimal amount of water, then use my finger to dig a little well in the flour, pouring the yeast mixture into the well.
  • Margarine may be used instead of butter if you want a dairy-free option (note that not all margarine is dairy-free).  Make sure your butter or margarine is very soft (but not melted) so that it will mix well.
  • All-purpose flour may be used if you do not have bread flour.  I have always used Wheat Montana All-Purpose flour with great results (they make great non-GMO/unbleached flours).
  • Make sure your dough isn’t too dry or too wet.  Your ball of dough shouldn’t look like it’s melting and it shouldn’t look like it’s cracking.  I usually end up adding a little extra flour to this recipe, and my dough has just a tiny hint of tackiness let to it once it’s been kneaded together.
  • They will turn out okay with less yeast.  If you only have one packet of yeast, don’t worry – they’ll still turn out!
  • Eco-friendly tip: skip covering the rolls with plastic as they’re rising and use a damp dishtowel instead.

Cheesy + Garlicky Dinner Rolls | happyandsimple.wordpress.com

Cheese/garlic tips:

  • While forming your dough into rolls/balls, place the desired amount of shredded cheese (I use a couple tsp cheddar) into the center and stretch your dough into a ball around it, pinching it shut on the bottom.  I store my shredded cheese in the freezer and place it in the dough while still frozen.  It should work just fine at room temp, but note that I’ve not tried it that way before.
  • Brush rolls with butter ( or margarine) after they’ve baked but are still warm.  After brushing butter, immediately sprinkle with your favorite garlic salt.  If you prefer fresh garlic, try adding a little minced garlic mixed in with your cheese.

Cheesy + Garlicky Dinner Rolls | happyandsimple.wordpress.com

These freeze very well – loosely wrap in foil and stick in the oven to thaw for a few minutes.

Happy baking!


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I loooove bread!  This is a great recipe.  I mentioned it in my Thanksgiving post, but it really deserves its own post. Click HERE for the how-to’s.  I used butternut squash where it called for winter squash.  I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know my squashes- maybe butternut squash is a type of winter squash?  I have no idea, but rest assured I will google it eventually and modify this once I’m squash-educated.  In the meantime, try the recipe with some type of winter/butternut squash… you’ll be glad you did.  Those who might be concerned about the squash imparting a weird flavor, worry not.   The only way you can tell there is squash in these is by the yellow color it lends them   Is it possible to use the word squash too many times?  Nah.

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I may be a little optimistic about how much I can accomplish this year, but I’ve decided to make several things for Thanksgiving.  First, my favorite pecan pie recipe.  I love this recipe because it omits the corn syrup and is ‘healthier’ than most pecan pies.  My mom insists that it’s not Thanksgiving without a pumpkin dessert, so I’ve tentatively opted for a pumpkin bundt cake with a maple glaze.  Desserts aside, we always make my grandma’s “ever hot” mashed potato recipe – with my own dairy-free alterations.  Next, I’ve got a corn casserole recipe I’ve created – I’ll post it if it turns out.  Finally, I’m hoping to make winter squash dinner rolls.  I know, they sound a little odd, but they are so light and tender.  Oh man, I shouldn’t have typed this right before bed… it’s making me really hungry!

Keeping with the theme of giving thanks – if you’re baking, why not make extras to take to a local facility like Ronald McDonald House?  If life is too hectic right now, consider  trying another time of the year – many places are grateful to see donations around other holidays like 4th of July or St. Patrick’s Day!

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